Camino Beta

A simple, Apple-inspired KISS theme for Jekyll.


Camino is a Jekyll theme I have created for my own personal website. Camino is a simple, KISS theme for Jekyll that mostly takes inspiration from Apple’s interface designs and supports dark mode, as well as the dark-mode-toggle utility provided by the Chrome developers.

Camino includes, but is not limited to, the following features:


In your _config.yml, add the following line:

remote_theme: alicerunsonfedora/camino

Example _config.yml

# Standard Jekyll Information. These fields are also used in the navbar on the
# top of the website, as well as OpenGraph information.
title: My Site
author: Marquis Kurt
description: Welcome to my GitHub Pages website

# This tells Jekyll to load Camino.
remote_theme: alicerunsonfedora/camino

# These are the plugins necessary to get the theme working.
  - jekyll-octicons
  - jekyll-sitemap
  - jekyll-feed
  - kramdown

# This is the email address to use when clicking "Email me" in the footer of the
# website.

# The custom copyright text.
copyright: "© 2023 Marquis Kurt. All rights reserved."

# This list controls the links visible in the navbar.
  - name: "Home"
    link: "/index.html"
  - name: "Blog"
    link: "/blog.html"

# This segment is the heart of the Camino configuration.
  # This path will point to images used for the article/document format. Camino will
  # look in this path for images with the file name of the shortcode listed on a document
  # page. For example, 'wrt181-assignment1.png'
  doc_img_url: "/images/cwp/"

  # This path will point to images used for covers on posts. Camino will look in this path
  # for image covers with the page's date. For example, '2020-02-17-cover.png'
  cover_img_url: "/images/covers/"

  # This setting controls what's displayed on the navbar profile picture.
    # The path to the profile picture.
    img_url: "logo.svg"

    # Whether the drop shadow should be removed from the profile picture.
    flat: false

  # This controls more aspects of Camino's theme.

    # If you want to override the font, set a custom font here. This font will be used
    # over the standard Inter font, but Inter will be provided when this font cannot
    # be loaded.
    font: 'Inter'

    # The background color of the navbar.
    navbar: '#191919'

    # The background color of the main page, both in light and dark mode.
      light: '#ffffff'
      dark: '#212121'

    # The accent color on the website. The accent color affects buttons, links, and other places of the
    # theme. The 'light' and 'dark' entries control what color is displayed in light mode and dark mode,
    # respectively. The standard and highlight entries control the idle and hover states.
        standard: "rgb(255, 149, 0)"
        highlight: "#ffaa33"
        standard: "rgb(255, 159, 10)"
        highlight: "#ffb23b"

# These Markdown settings are used to register the syntax highlighter.
markdown: kramdown
  input: GFM
  syntax_highlighter: rouge
    css_class: 'highlight'

Using document formats

To create a document/article for Camino, add the following front matter to your web page or Markdown file:

title: Document Title
subtitle: A fancy subtitle
layout: document
class: History 207
shortcode: hist207-one
date: 2018-08-29

The author’s name will be pulled from the author field in the site configuration.

Found a bug?

You can report issues on the Camino issue tracker page on YouTrack.


Camino is open-source software licensed under the Mozilla Public License v2.